9 of the Coolest PS4 Games to Surprise Your Man with This Valentine's Day ...

Whether you're into gaming yourself or know as much about PS4 games as you do about outer space, you're guaranteed a happy Valentine's Day if you buy your man one of the coolest PS4 games around. From first person shooters to action games, sports games and RPGs, there's something for everyone - here's my pick of the coolest PS4 games that would make the perfect gift for your guy this Valentine's.

1. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

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If your man was a fan of the original Lara Croft series (who wasn't?) then this is one of the coolest PS4 games to get him. Lara and the island of Yamatai look super-realistic in this next-gen version of the classic game, and it will keep him busy for hours!

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