7 of the Cutest Kissing Scenes Recently on Television ...


If you love TV as much as you love romance, then you'll enjoy watching the cutest kissing scenes there's recently been on television. If you're in a relationship, you know how much a kiss can tell you. If you're single, you can vicariously live a romance through your favorite characters. Here are some of the absolute cutest kissing scenes:

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New Girl

Don’t you love those “will they, won’t they” relationships? Nick and Jess have been friends for years, and there’s always been sexual tension between them. Their first kiss is adorable, because it is unexpected, even though the show's audience has been waiting and waiting for something to happen between them. It’s always scary to turn try to turn a friendship into something more, but the effort is worth it. This is one of the cutest kissing scenes and it proves that Nick and Jess have the chemistry needed for a healthy and fun relationship.



In the latest series of BBC's Sherlock, there's a fake kiss between Sherlock and Molly. Even though it's not reality, it gives fans what they've wanted to see. Molly has had a crush on Sherlock for a long time, and it's nice to see her get what she wants, even if it's only in an alternate reality.


Once upon a Time

Even if you've never seen the show, it's obvious from this clip alone that Hook and Emma have chemistry. The way she grabs him and pulls him close hints at how much they desire one another. You don't kiss someone like that unless you have feelings for them. Even though she says the kiss is a one time thing, it's clear that it's a lie. There's certainly more where that came from.


How I Met Your Mother

Barney and Robin have strong chemistry and an even stronger friendship. They've have had so many lusty moments over the years that it's impossible to just watch one. Their first kiss is just as adorable as every other kiss they share. Even when they're not together, they have so many almost-kisses that show that their sexual tension never disappears. No matter what, they'll always have feelings for each other.


The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy have had a relationship for years, but nothing romantic or sexual ever happens, despite Amy's desires. In this scene, Sheldon ends up kissing Amy to prove a point, but ends up enjoying the moment. It's a surprising little moment that shows how their relationship has progressed.



Men and women aren't the only ones that share sexy kisses. Ian and Mickey's make-out in the US version of Shameless shows how attracted they are to one another. Wouldn't you love to recieve a kiss that passionate?



If you haven't watched Arrow, you're missing out on tons of hot guys. This kissing scene between Roy and Thea is sexy, even though it leads to a fight. If you like the combination of romance and action, then this is the show for you. You have plenty of time to binge watch it before the next season starts.

If you have no one to kiss, then you can at least enjoy watching others lock lips. Who is your favorite couple on television? Have they had an adorable kissing scene yet, or are you still waiting to see one?

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HIMYM is true so why did the writers piss us off by putting her with ted in the end !!

The Mindy Project. Danny and Mindy kissing on the plane

how I met your mother is always true!!!!!!

also Blair and Chuck, from Gossip Girl, kissing scene are always amazing

YESSSSS when I was watching Sherlock and saw that I completely fangirled and shrieked

AHHHHH!! One upon a time is my favorite!!

love the one of Sherlock!!! Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch kissing you!!!😍

i was shoked when Sheldon kissed Amy. It was most suprising scene ever!

@Gina I agree!! Mindy project was realistic and one of the best I've seen tbh

Hello?? Ross and Rachel's first kiss has to be the all time number 1!!

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