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7 of the Most Common Dating Mistakes ...

By Tyjuana

Let's face it, nobody wants to admit to making any mistakes, let alone dating mistakes. Especially when everything else in your life is going well! No worries; you'll become a better player in the dating game soon enough. Here are 7 of the most common dating mistakes that everyone makes, including myself! Do you see any dating mistakes that you might have made in the past?

1 You Move Too Fast

Now, I'm not just referring to sex, although slowing down and getting out of the bedroom can only help you to become a better dater. It's all about taking time to cultivate a relationship, the natural way. Sort of like growing the sweetest fruits and veggies, or making the best Thanksgiving meal ever, these things take time! You'd never rush the turkey out of the oven before it's fully cooked, not matter how it looks, right?

2 You Didn't Check His Background

The internet allows you to play detective, so get his real name – first and last name -- and Google away. There are also websites that you can go onto that you can actually get a background check done. Now, I like to do it the old fashioned way, getting to know him, but in this day and age, a common dating mistake such as not looking up your date online could land you with a guy that could be a little strange!

3 You Lose Who You Are

Before you met Mr. Right, you were the most awesome co-worker/advice giver/window shopper ever. Why should dating cause you to stop being who you are? Are you afraid he won't fall in love with the real you? If so, then let's get to where the root of the problem is, your self-esteem. This is definitely a common dating mistake that many women make all of the time! Don't lose yourself ladies, it's not worth it!

4 You Plan the Wedding

Just because you've been spending quality time with said Mr. Right, it doesn't make you Mrs. Right. Love at first sight can blind the best of daters, and make you look desperate and crazy, neither of which are attractive. Looking at wedding dresses as soon as you find a great guy is a surefire way for him to lose your number. Remember this ladies, you shouldn't start talking about a wedding until you've been with the guy for a while. This is a real common dating mistake that ends so many relationships!

5 You Stop Having Fun

Many dating novices make this mistake as we grow older. You turn dating into a chore to do in order to get married within a year. It's not that serious. Don't be so consumed with finding a mate that you forget about the joys of dating.

6 You Don't do Anything else

Not only are you fun-free, but you spend every waking moment with him, either in person or via text. Dating is not your full-time job. Unless you're hosting your own reality show. Your life misses you much. A common dating mistake that many girls make is getting consumed with a guy they just met -- don't be that girl!

7 You Aren't Dating Anyone else

The best part about being single, is the ability to date as many guys as you can! At first, you might pride yourself in being a one-man woman, but he's not exactly your man yet, is he? This is your time to test the waters, instead of settling in one little pond.

Nobody's perfect, but when you're willing admit where you have gone wrong within the dating scene, you'll soon become a better...well...a better you! So 'fess up, and tell us which of these dating mistakes are you guilty of making! I know I've made a ton of dating mistakes in my life, what about you ladies?

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