Some of the Worst Things Your Guy Can Say ...


While we might think these are obvious, some of the worst things a guy can say still seem to be on the tip of every guy's tongue. These are all guaranteed to make us girls extremely angry or sad. Either way, it's not fun for us and guys need to realize this. Odds are, you've experienced more than your fair share of the worst things a guy can say and educated the guy on why he was wrong.

1. You're Just like Your Parents

In most cases, this is probably one of the worst things a guy can say. He never really says it as a compliment. It always sounds like an insult. Not only does it feel like he's insulting your family, but he's telling you you're just as annoying as your parents. My response to this one is to tell him to spend some quality time with the parents so he won't make such bad comparisons next time.

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I hate " you look good for your age" I know it's meant to be a compliment but not really! I am 51 so maybe it is a compliment but again prob not!! lol
Yup i dont like none of these!!!
Number 7 is exactly my guy. It pisses me sometimes but he can't see me stressed or sad.
Number 10 😀
Kryssie Lee
Number 11 is the one that pisses me off most
Isabella Coles
Nup never had any of these, if anything my man sometimes says i sound like my mum when i get a bit grumpy, that's about it!
Um what kind of people are you dating? I've never gotten any of these!
You looked better when.... Ugh! This is probably one of my least favorite things to hear.
My hubby tells me is that time of the month some time but it doesnt mean its a bad thing , in my opinion its a good thing that he understands me that much
Some of these go both ways (except 'is it that time of the month')
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