Some of the Worst Things Your Guy Can Say ...


While we might think these are obvious, some of the worst things a guy can say still seem to be on the tip of every guy's tongue. These are all guaranteed to make us girls extremely angry or sad. Either way, it's not fun for us and guys need to realize this. Odds are, you've experienced more than your fair share of the worst things a guy can say and educated the guy on why he was wrong.

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You're Just like Your Parents

In most cases, this is probably one of the worst things a guy can say. He never really says it as a compliment. It always sounds like an insult. Not only does it feel like he's insulting your family, but he's telling you you're just as annoying as your parents. My response to this one is to tell him to spend some quality time with the parents so he won't make such bad comparisons next time.


Check Her out

Guys are free to check out whoever they want as long as it's not obvious. However, pointing out the girl they're ogling isn't a good idea. It's the same as saying he'd rather look at her than you. It's not about being insecure. It's the simple fact that you respect us enough not to point out that you think somebody else is hotter.


You Should Dress like That

I hate this one more than anything. I like the way I dress. It's part of who I am and it reflects my personality. I'm glad he liked girls that left nothing to the imagination. That's why I'm not with that guy anymore. The only way a guy can get away with this one is if he says you would look so much better in that than the girl who's wearing it.


My Ex Was so Much Better at...

Being compared to an ex is horrible. It's only good if you're better than the ex. No girl wants to hear about how much better their guy's ex was at playing games, cooking dinner, playing sports or whatever. If the ex was so much better, then why isn't he with her? Usually this just ends up turning into a comparison of exes as you try to one-up him, which is never fun.


You're Wearing That?

I'd actually rather hear the dreaded “You look fine” than “You're wearing that?” Not only does it make you feel like you can't dress yourself, but you suddenly doubt your looks. If a guy doesn't like what you're wearing, he could simply explain why instead of using the condescending question. If you're comfortable with what you wear, then it doesn't really matter what he thinks.


You Ate All of It?

This one can be phrased any number of ways, but it still makes you feel insecure about your weight. Believe it or not, guys usually mean this as a compliment. Eating a lot is a big accomplishment for guys, so they're amazed when their girl does it. However, it never sounds like a compliment and usually just makes you mad.


Relax or Calm down

I hate hearing this when I'm angry or upset. It's like saying I'm being irrational or that nothing's really wrong. Guys go way overboard when they get emotional, so why can't we? If I want to yell, cry or throw the nearest pillow, I should be able to. If you're like me, you'll relax when you feel like it.


Let's Go on a Diet

While a guy might just want some support in losing weight, suggesting a couple's diet just makes it seem like they think you need to lose weight. There are much better ways to say this one. For instance, he could say he really wants to drop some pounds, but needs someone to keep him motivated. None of us really want to hear that we need to lose weight.


You Remind Me of My Mom

This one is just kind of creepy. I've heard guys say this and I cringe every time. You don't want to be compared to his mom. Besides, it's not exactly romantic to know he thinks of you as a mother instead of a significant other. It's even worse if he tells you that you look like his mom.


Is It That Time of the Month?

At no point is this a good thing to say. I hate it when a guy blames my moods on that time of the month. Guys and girls get moody, but it doesn't mean anyone's having a period. It could just be a bad day or something someone said. I actually had one guy say this one to me and he meant it seriously. Let's just say he never asked again.


If You Really Love Me...

We've probably all heard this one. It's the guy way of trying to guilt trip us into doing something. If the guy really loved you, he wouldn't even think about saying this. It's disrespectful and has nothing to do with love. The best response to this one is simply to say you don't really love him after all. At the very least, he'll be shocked enough to forget all about his request.


Insulting Your Family

Any insults to your family are just wrong, especially early on in the relationship. You're free to say whatever you want about them. However, he doesn't know them like you do. Making fun of your siblings, parents, cousins, etc. just makes you angry. He may just be taking his cues from you, but it's still not right. Let him know how you feel and he'll stop.


Looks Aren't Important to Me

I understand this is supposed to be a compliment of some sort, but all I hear is how bad I look. Usually, this one means he likes your mind and personality instead of just your looks. However, it really does sound like he doesn't think you're physically attractive. Try not to be too offended, but explain why that comment doesn't sit well with you.

Guys don't always think about what they say and the result is a very angry girlfriend or wife. It's up to us to explain why these things should never be said. Maybe we can eventually erase all of these. What are some of the worst things your guy has said to you?

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Number 11 is the one that pisses me off most

My ex used to say more than half of these to me!! I am glad I found the courage to move on!

My boyfriend always makes comments like "You've eaten all that?" or "How much are you going to f-ing eat?" and calls me fat... But he gets it from me as twice as much! I understand why girls could take it bad but if it's joking and having a laugh, who cares! Banter and funny insults are fun!

I hate " you look good for your age" I know it's meant to be a compliment but not really! I am 51 so maybe it is a compliment but again prob not!! lol

2nd date and he said wow if you eat all of that you're gonna get fat. Why did I marry him? Guess we all know that marriage was a disaster that didn't last lol

Wow number 10 is so true for me

I don't get the whole "looks aren't important to me" being offensive. My boyfriend thinks I am beautiful with or without makeup. He is just saying I don't have to "try" to look pretty. He thinks I always am.

Some of these go both ways (except 'is it that time of the month')

Yup i dont like none of these!!!

For the time of month comment, look up iisuperwomanii on YouTube and watch her video about girls on periods. It is great. Promise.

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