Old Fashioned ⌛️ Dating Traditions 👫 We Should Keep Using 👏🏼 ...

We're in an era where modernity has changed the way romantic dates are done. In this post, we look back at old-fashioned dating traditions and share thoughts about why we think today's dating crowd should still practice them. Here they are:

1. Picking up the Girl at Her House

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Remember rom-com movies in the '80s and the '90s when the guy actually picks up the girl at her parents' house? Old fashioned? Maybe... But this time-tested tradition has that "official" feel to it knowing that the guy actually took time and effort to go to the house and 'start' the date from there. Sure, there's nothing wrong with the let's-meet-at-the-theatre-around-seven set-up but admit it, having to open the door for someone to take you out to dinner is right up on the list of exciting things to expect on a first date and... the succeeding dates too!

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