5. Share All Your Hobbies

I'm in a relationship, but I don't have to be a carbon copy of my guy. I do share some of his hobbies and vice versa. I also have hobbies that are mine alone and so does he. We talk about them with each other and that's how we share them. I don't like video games and he doesn't like playing music. Instead of trying to force it on each to be a perfect couple, we use it as quality time to ourselves and enjoy talking about it later.

Keep Things Exciting


Karen Wiseman
My husband & I have been together for almost 13 years &, while in the first few months I had the first in love reactions (falling in love more & more every time I even thought about him) & he obviousl...
I do agree with the "don't go to bed angry or don't leave the house angry'. Remember you're angry at a situation, actions, sayings etc. Not at him/her as human being, because if it were so you couldn'...
Mariam Alkandri
I have only heard of the one about not going to bed angry. I think it is good advice. I do think better after I have slept on things but it is not a good practice in marriage. I'm old an that is just ...
I do agree with the "don't go to bed angry" bc it tells you how sudden death can be? like if you wake up to find that he or she is dead, I'm sure you regret saying those horrible stuff to that person. idk I apply this for all relationships.
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