7 Once in a Lifetime Date Ideas to Splurge on ...


Instead of going out for coffee every weekend, there are once in a lifetime date ideas that you should try. Why bore yourself when there's an entire world out there full of amazing opportunities to have fun? Save up your paychecks so that you can try out one of these once in a lifetime date ideas. It'll be money well spent.

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Surreal Skydiving

If you're an adrenaline addict, then you'll love the feel of falling from an airplane. As long as you have the money to do so, and a partner that's as willing as you are, then the adventure will be worth it. This is one of the once in a lifetime date ideas that you'll remember forever.


Calming Cruises

There are cruises that contain everything that you could ever dream of having. There will be music, activities, and plenty of food. Although there are tons of chances to be social, you and your partner can always snuggle up together in your private room.


Heated Hot Air Balloon Ride

If the two of you aren't afraid of heights, then you should enjoy some scenery from high above the ground. A hot air balloon ride may sound scary, but it's a relaxing journey. You'll have an operator up there with you, so there's no way that anything will go wrong. He'll be in charge of all of the technical problems, leaving you and your honey free to kiss and cuddle and enjoy the view.


Stunning Scuba Diving Trip

Are you both fans of ocean life? Go scuba diving, so that you can see all of the beautiful creatures below the surface. You'll never forget how amazing it feels to swim deep in the sea, and discover things you've never seen before. Plus, once you're done, you and your mate can enjoy a day at the beach.


Relaxing Road Trip

Instead of purchasing a plane ticket, pack your bags and stuff them into your car. Sure, it'll take longer to get to your destination, but that's what makes the trip fun. Just make sure that you enjoy the journey, and make pit stops along the way. You might end up finding something even more exciting than the place you were intending to visit.


Crazy Casino Night

If you're both old enough to gamble, take a trip to Atlantic City or Vegas. If you're younger, you can always visit Dave and Buster's to win your mate a stuffed animal. That way, they'll have a keepsake to remember the date for the rest of their life.


Amusing Acting Opportunities

If you're both interested in acting, then audition for a local play. Even if you don't get the part, you'll have fun rehearsing lines with each other. If you'd rather sit back and relax, then buy tickets for a big Broadway show. It's just as much fun watching others perform as it is performing yourself.

There's no reason to settle for a bland date when you're able to partake in awesome events. Some of them require a large chunk of money, but the look on your partner's face will be worth the cash. What's the most exciting, adventurous date that you've ever been on? Did you plan it all out or did your partner make the decision?

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