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There are so many quotes about love all over the internet. When I browse for quotes about love, I like to look for clever and original ones. So many love quotes are trite and overused, but I have compiled a few passionate quotes that I found to be relatable, beautiful, and original!

1. The Heart and Reason

The Heart and Reason

Of all the quotes about love I have listed, I find this one by Blaise Pascal to be one of the most beautiful. We often hear that we should be logical in love, but this quote shows that the heart sees things that logic cannot necessarily explain. While I believe in a happy medium between the heart and reason, I find this quote to be so beautiful!

Only One in the World


Hasibur Rahman
Thanks for good collection about passionate quotes. #http://www.quoteschart.com/
Naziat Ikrah
Rodrigo santoro! Gosh...
@Amyb, considering Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP with Christ. I think it works.
Blaise pascal wrote that quote about Christianity, not relationships.
They're all so beautiful. 😊
So, so very lovely
Cindy Gallegos
waow beautiful
Need more posts like this!! Beautiful !!!!
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