4. Meet in the Middle

Compromising together is important. Just as the two of you should encourage each other, meeting in the middle is a way of taking a pause during an argument and agreeing to take a few minutes to cool off and recollect your thoughts. Try not to judge him for things he’s done but rather focus on how he makes you feel TODAY and what you are looking forward to tomorrow.

Always Be Open and Honest


So true. My guy and I do all of these things
Abee Robinson
Love these tips, really helpful. :)
All of this is so so SO true. I have done all of these things in my current relationship, and visa verse, and this has been the best and most successful relationship I've ever been in.
Kara Rae
Everything in this artical screams the truth!
Sammy T
soooo true
Awesome great article. Very lovely
Cm Riley
If everyone tried at least a few of these things, more relationships would be successful.
Tracey Fisher
Very very true def couldn't of been said better...
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