Phobias That Can Ruin Your Love Life and How to Get Rid of Them ...


It's rare for anyone's love life to run completely smoothly - we all experience romantic hiccups along the way! Often problems are caused by our own anxieties, and we may even sabotage a relationship with someone we love. So what 'love phobias' should we watch out for? Here are the phobias that can ruin your love life, and what you can do to get rid of them …

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Fear of Being Left

Sometimes, when a relationship is going well you may worry about it falling apart and think that your partner is bound to leave you. This is often caused by low self-esteem that means you think you don't deserve to be loved. Stop worrying about something that might not even happen - and if the worst does happen, you won't be alone forever. You'll meet someone else.


Messing up

We may also have a fear of messing up and making mistakes that wreck the relationship. The more that you worry about this, the greater the chance that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Relationships should be fulfilling, not full of anxieties. Stop fretting and making yourself self-conscious; focus on enjoying your relationship, and allow it to develop and flourish.


Time Running out

Even in the 21st century women can worry about being left 'on the shelf'. This can lead us to rush into a relationship with someone who clearly isn't right for us. Girls, you don't have a sell-by date, so don't fret. If you want kids, there's probably plenty of time left. And it's always worth waiting until you meet someone that you know is the right person to raise a family with.


Not Worth Loving

A lot of people don't value themselves enough, and think that they aren't worth loving. As a result, they fall into relationships with someone who clearly doesn't care about them, or avoid relationships altogether. Everyone deserves to be loved, but you have to convince yourself of that before you can meet someone who will love you.


Being Alone

Some people are serial daters and rush from one relationship to another. They're hardly single for five minutes before they find someone else. These serial monogamists may be afraid of being alone, and think they're only worthwhile if they have a partner. If this is you, learn to handle periods of being single - it's nothing to be afraid of.



Commitment phobia is a pretty common experience. It's something associated with men, but can equally happen to women. They fear being 'tied down' and losing their freedom. If this happens to you, relax - a relationship should enhance your life. Anyone who tries to 'own' you should be avoided, but otherwise enjoy what a relationship brings to your life.


Fear of Missing out

Some people worry that they're missing out if they're not in a relationship. It's not that they're afraid to be alone, but rather that they look at happy couples and think that they're losing out on that experience. But it's far better to wait until you meet someone worth dating.

The world of dating can be a difficult one, especially in the 21st century. The rules of dating have changed so much! Plus once you get into a deeper relationship there are other complications. But you don't need to let fears about relationships ruin them for you. Do you always make the same mistakes in relationships?

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After being cheated on, I have a hard time also

My insecurity ruins a lot of things. I find it hard to trust completely :(


On point really.

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