7 😊 Pick-Your-Own Apple 🍏🍎 Farms to Visit for a Sweet Date πŸ‘« ...

Fall is in the air and that means that it’s apple season. It’s great that you can go to the store and stock up in a huge variety of apples this time of year, but it’s even more fun to go pick them yourself. You get a couple of pounds of the freshest apples possible and apple picking is a great way to spend time with the person you love most. Here are some of the best pick your own apple farms. Here’s to a great weekend date!

1. Dwight Miller Orchards, Vermont

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Fall in the northeast is a magical time of crisp air, fresh fruits and veggies and a glorious array of brightly colored autumn leaves. At Dwight Miller Farms, you get all that and more. The farm is entirely organic and grows loads of varieties of apples you won’t find anywhere else. You can also enjoy a glass of freshly made apple cider. The farm also grows other crops, which you can pick and buy too.

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