5. Don't Let the Online Relationship Go Too Long

One thing that I've learned when I was in an online relationship is to not let it go on too long. Truthfully, it shouldn't last a year – it should be kept to about six months or maybe a little more, that way you can really get to know the person that you are talking to – if they are telling the truth. This is sound advice girls, don't get wrapped up in an online relationship for years and years!

Discuss the Future


6 years, I came across the world, and after the very first nite he just desappeared
Heather Jensen
Hi Monica! I know that it's hard, but what are your future plans? Do you think that you'll be able to move? A year or even a year and a half is a long time to be in a long distance relationship.
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry -- that's hard.
Monica Sustaita
And the main problem is that he lives in Paris, France and I live in Utah
Monica Sustaita
So I'm in an online relationship for almost 6 months, on Feb. 14 it will be our 6 months together and we send each other gifts, he is always constantly talking to me, and giving me compliments, and ta...
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