Play This Fun 14 Question Game with Your New Partner to Get to Know Him Better ...

This fun game is a good way to spend time with someone and get to know them in the process. Ask these questions one at a time and trust me, you'll know them better by the end of the game.

1. How do You Want Your Ideal Partner to Be?

This will show you what they want in a person and why they probably had a crush on you/asked you out.

2. Which Song Represents You?

Fun question.

3. What Always Brings a Smile to Your Face?

This will tell you what makes him happy and what his priorities are.

4. If You Could Own Any Three Cars What Would They Be?

This question will be a hit with most guys.

5. If You Had a Time Machine, Would You Go Back in Time or Visit the Future?

This will tell you if their past was better or their present. If they say, back in time they probably miss something about their past.

6. What Food do You Crave Most Often?

This will tell you what their favourite food is and where you could take them on your next date.

7. Which is More Important, Truth or Happiness?

This will help you understand the way he/she thinks.

8. If You Could Change Anything about Yourself What Would It Be?

This will show how honest he/she is with themselves and others.

9. If Your Parents Hate the Partner You Love; Would You Ditch Him/her or Carry on with Them despite the Protests?

This will show how committed and loyal they can be.

10. What Would Your Dream House Be like?

This is an important question which will tell you a lot about him. His likes, dislikes, interests and how ambitious he is.

11. If You Were a Superhero What Powers Would You Have?

This is a super fun question if the conversation is getting boring.

12. Do You Prefer Looks or Intelligence?

This will give you insight into their personality. How broad-minded they are..

13. If You Could Choose One Celebrity to Be with, Who Would It Be?

14. What Animal Would You like to Be and Why?

Just a fun question.

I hope you enjoy this game. Share your experience with us.

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