Bring out Your Inner Child with Preciously Playful Dates ...


If you want to liven up your relationship, there are playful date ideas that will have both of you laughing when you're not busy kissing. Stop trying to act like boringly bland adults and start acting a bit more childish. There's nothing wrong with being a kid at heart, so here are some playful date ideas to make you feel younger:

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Babes under Blanket Forts

Remember how much fun it was to throw pillows and blankets on some chairs to create a private little place to hide away? Well, you're never too old to do that again. One of the playful date ideas you should give a shot is creating a fancy blanket fort for the two of you. You can bring in some flashlights, books, and pajamas. Once you're inside, it's time to cuddle.


Get Playful on the Playground

Head to the playground when all of the young kids in your neighborhood are busy at school. You'll have the place to yourself, so you can hold hands on the swings and chase each other around. You might be a little too big for the slide, but you'll still be able to climb around a bit.


Fun with Finger Paints

It's time to get a little creative. Grab some paper and some finger paints so you can draw pictures for each other. Make sure you get the kind of paint that is safe to get on your skin, and you can even paint each other. It's a fun activity that will bring out your playful sides.


Bubbles with Your Buddy

This activity won't take up an entire day, but it can get you in a playful mood. Grab some bubbles and start blowing. If you have a pet, watch them swat at them with their paws. If you have a hula hoop or any other childhood toy, try playing with that as well.


Good Old Games

You might already play your brand new video games with your partner, but have you played the old ones that are hidden in your closet? Enjoy a blast from the past by pulling out your favorite games from your childhood. Just go easy on him, because you're probably better at them than he is.


Try Truth or Dare

When was the last time you played truth or dare? Probably during a sleepover with your best gal pals. Well, it's time to play it again with your mate. Make sure that the questions are playful, fun, or at least romantic. Ask them something challenging, but don't intentionally embarrass them. You want the date to go well, after all.


A Tasty Tea Party

In the past, you had tea parties with your stuffed animals and pretended to drink from empty cups. Well, now you're old enough for the real thing. Bring out the finest silverware you have, set the table together, and have a nice, fancy meal. You can even make a day of it by taking the time to whip up the meal together beforehand.

You don't want your relationship to be so serious that you never crack jokes around each other. By going on 'childish' dates, you'll start to feel more comfortable showing your playful side, which is important in a healthy relationship. What's the cutest date you've ever been on?

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thanks for the ideas. :)

Omg totally doing this with my fiancé

me and my fiancé only do no. 5, we're playing the evil within now. playful dates are swimming and water guns.

I always play truth or dare with him and go to parks. It is the cutest and most perfect date idear

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