7 Points to Remember if You Hate Being Single ...


Do you hate being single? Many people feel that there must be something wrong with them if they can't find a partner, and that they are only complete if they are in a relationship. But being in a relationship isn't essential, and can even be quite problematic. Being single has many advantages. Here are some points to remember if you hate being single.

1. Other Girls Envy You

If you hate being single, remind yourself that other girls envy you your freedom. However happy you are in a relationship, there are times when life seems that it would be so much easier if you were single. Perhaps they wish they could do what they wanted and not have to consider someone else when they make decisions.

Relationships Don't Solve Everything


Single is sooo gr88 can do what you want whenever you want :)
Isabella Coles
Been single my whole life til i was 20 - now I'm 23 and glad I waited so long, it was worth it 😊
Single for 3 yrs and love it. I too have finally found who I am. Love the freedom. Tho I have no clue where single men go to hang out at my age lol first time I've been Single too. Embrace what is now...
I am recently single & absolutely loving the freedom :)
Stacy Braswell
#8 Marriage sucks.
I do prefer being in a relationship but I have experienced the benefits of being single. When I was in a relationship, I put all my effort into him and building our life together. But when we separate...
Great article!
Thank uuuuuuu..thanks for the motivation..m actually feeling better now :)
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