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Love Myths are sometimes silly, sometimes overly romantic, overly optimistic or way too depressing … So, why do we believe in them? Don’t look at me – I’m not a psychologist although I do have a few theories of my own. Mom and dad, Disney and, now, romantic movies– these love myths are pretty much something we’re born with so giving them up completely is like the most unromantic thing to do. Well, regardless how unromantic it sounds, the truth is this – you are the one in charge of your love life! And, if you check out this list of most popular love myths, you’ll understand exactly what I mean:

1. We Only Get Once Chance to Love

Once chance – one love, now excuse me but I really have a hard time believing this. What happens if the person you love doesn’t love you back? But, let’s explore other options as well like, oh… I don’t know… all those people in your past that may have loved you but never had the guts to tell you that simply because you’ve made it very clear the feeling is not mutual. What about those people whose loved ones were taken away from them? Yes, falling in love again isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either so I simply refuse to believe once chance is all you get.

Love is a Spark


Thank you for the post! I was a bit worried about the fading of the initial thrill but my guy respects me, cares for me and he is so devoted to me! I guess I scored here very well! :D
Heather Jensen
That would've been a good one! :) Thanks for the addition Chloe!
Chloe Crist
You should have had the "love is never having to say you're sorry" myth/saying
haahahha sorry, but I met the love of my life with your last "myth" and i believe God sent Him cuz it's all i could ever ask.. we have up and downs like everybody but We know we were meant to be with ...
Thanks for reading Noni! :) Always nice to hear positive feedback.
Thank you so much for uploading this post. I really liked it. And yes, I like taking matters into my own hands. Or at least TRYING to find someone, by going out!
I totally agree with you. If my crush was with someone else, I would be jealous, even if he's happy with that girl. If the situation is something like that, then it is in fact, normal. Otherwise, if ...
If by "jealousy" you mean, "I don't want you to be with (romantically) anybody else" then thats normal jealousy. Jealousy anywhere else is completely insecure and unnecessary
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