7 Positive Things about a Long Distance Relationship ...

Believe it or not, there are a few positive things about a long distance relationship. Let's face it ladies, as much as you love your man, being apart can break a relationship. Having spent the first three years of my current relationship apart, and the next three years living together, I feel that I’ve learnt a few positive things about a long distance relationship that may help you get through it!

1. Friendship

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The foundation of any solid relationship is a strong friendship, and this is one of the positive things about a long distance relationship. If you can’t see each other face to face for a few weeks, you are forced to get to know each other as friends much quicker than you would otherwise. What I mean by this is the physicality and the physical attraction doesn’t get all attention and you learn much quicker if you’re compatible.

2. Communication

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Being long distance opens the lines of communication which can only be a positive thing. Now of course, not all communication is good, and this will inevitably include some blazing rows (and don’t I know it!) But once again, not being face to face forces you to talk things through beyond the heat of the moment, be if on the phone, in written form or even Skype.

3. Keeps It Fresh

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Despite all the frustrations of missing your man, being long distance can keep it fresh. Those butterflies in your stomach for the first few months are one of the best parts of a new relationship – and, in a way, long distance maintains this! Every time you meet, that excitement of those first few dates happens all over again. On the flip side, the nerves can also come back, but again – isn't that part of the fun?

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This probably should have appeared first on my list as it is such an important part of a relationship and it’s only enhanced by distance. Too often, couples who become conjoined from day one fall into the trap of mistrust. We all know of couples who check each other’s phones, emails, social media and so on. (Sidebar – would you read someone’s diary? I’m not sure how someone’s personal conversations are any different…) A good thing about long distance relationships is that you can’t possibly know exactly what your man is up to and where he is or who he’s talking to all the time and you both have the freedom and the right to live your own lives. If you’re happy with this you have trust! And when the distance is no longer an issue, this trust and respect for each other’s right continues long after. Yay!

5. "Distance" is a Cop out

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If your relationship means enough, you work for it. I don’t believe in flogging a dead horse, but if your relationship is that important, you don’t fall at the first hurdle either. I always think if "distance" is stated as a reason for a break up, it’s probably a cop-out and the relationship wasn't right. This is a good thing – no one should be in a relationship because of habit, and this cop-out may save a lot of tears in the future!

6. Best of Both Worlds

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Being long distance allows you to have the best of both worlds – the security of a relationship and the freedom of being single. You have the freedom to go out with your friends, follow your career, go weeks without shaving your legs…But you can also pick up the phone for a giggle, have romantic weekends and have that confidence that a relationship gives you.

7. Cooling off

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When it comes to flying off the handle and saying things in a temper, I am guilty as charged. Whilst many of our long distance blow-ups came from the stress of missing each other, miscommunication and not being able to read body language - distance was also a saving grace. Where face to face I’d perhaps sulk or strop (I’m not all bad, honest!) when long distance, I was forced to take time to contemplate.

Whilst I myself have said that I wouldn't seek to enter into a long distance relationship again, I do think that ours works because of the 7 points stated above. Don’t give up hope when the distance gets the best of you. The light at the end of the tunnel is worth the journey! I hope these points have been of help – do you have any positive things about a long distance relationship to share?

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