7 Positive Things about Being in the Friend Zone ...


Everyone regards the friend zone as dangerous territory that’s terrible to enter. Getting rejected is depressing, but there are positives to being in the friend zone that some people don’t realize. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret. Stop looking at the negatives and find that silver lining.

1. Sweet Setups

If you find yourself stuck in the friend zone, use the opportunity to search for a new guy. Your crush is bound to have friends that have tons in common with him. If you think you’re compatible with him, then why wouldn’t you have the same chemistry with his friends? You might get lucky. If your crush isn’t meant to be your boyfriend, maybe he’s meant to be your matchmaker.

Still Friends


I friend zoned my now boyfriend for awhile, and just kinda tried to push my feelings away (pretty much impossible!) but I'm glad I did because now he really knows who I am and I don't feel like I need...
@Tisnag why don't you just try talking to them like nothing happened(that is if they are over it)
Yes and it's amazing how close of a friend I have
How abt the girl friend zoning the guy? Idk how to behave arnd the guys I've friend zoned :/
Mawu Cruz
Friendzoned by someone ive been talking online for a year now. He said he likes me. And i told him i like him too buz distance is a bitch!! We cant be together. But he re assured me what we have is di...
Friend zoned by the guy I've had a crush on for ages because we work too closely together on our degree projects and dont wanna risk getting into an awkward situation and ruining all our hard work. no...
I friend zoned my ex boyfriend, its because i dont want to loose him anymore. Like what he did before, he cheated and left me alone. And then after they broke up. He came back. And i told him that i l...
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