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Possessive BF Traits That Are Scary Not Sweet ...

By Holly

Some men will treat you like a criminal, but will claim that they act that way out of love. However, it doesn't matter how much someone cares about you, because there are some lines that they just shouldn't cross. If they do, it's not a romantic gesture, it's a red flag. Here are some possessive traits that you should consider scary, not sweet:

1 He Reads All of Your Texts

If your phone is sitting on the counter and buzzes, there's nothing wrong with your boyfriend looking to see who texted you. However, if he demands to read every single conversation you have on your phone and on Facebook, he's overprotective. It's a good idea for you to allow him to look through your phone occasionally, because it shows you have nothing to hide, but it's unhealthy for him to snoop through it every single time you leave the room.

2 He Tracks Your Movement

It's easy to track a person's movements, because every phone has a GPS inside of it. However, if your boyfriend downloads an app to track your phone, or physically follows your car around to see where you're going, something is wrong. He should trust you enough to let you live your life without having to keep tabs on you.


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3 He Doesn't Let You Talk to Men

It's natural for your boyfriend to want you to stay away from your exes. However, he shouldn't get angry whenever you talk to a man, especially if it's just a cashier or a waiter. If he gets mad at you for something so small, he has jealousy issues he needs to work through.

4 He Doesn't Let You See Your Friends

You're allowed to hang out with your friends without him. If he gets mad whenever you leave the house without bringing him along, he's way too protective. A healthy relationship requires you both to live your own separate lives.

5 He Tells You How to Dress

You're in charge of your own body, which means you get to decide what you wear. If he shames you for putting on a crop top or a short skirt, ignore him. He's free to give his opinion about your outfits, but he certainly can't control what you wear.

6 He Won't Let You Make Any Decisions

A good boyfriend will make decisions with you, not for you. You should be acting as a team, which means that you'll decide where to eat and what to watch together. If he's always making your decisions for you, you need to have a serious chat.

7 He Won't Stop, Even when You Ask Him to

It's normal for a possessive boyfriend to show you off in public, because he wants everyone to know that you "belong" to him. If your boyfriend grabs your booty in public or makes out with you, even when you tell him not to do so in front of others, you have a right to be angry. If he really cares about you, he should respect your opinion.

It's normal for your man to be protective of you, but if he takes things too far, you should no longer consider his actions sweet. They might actually be grounds for breaking up. Have you ever dated someone who was way too possessive?

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