Possible Reasons He Just Does Not like You ...

Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

Possible Reasons He Just  Does Not  like You ...

I know. Sometimes these reasons hurt. Maybe you have been hanging on for Mr. Right, think you have found him, then BAM. He just does not like you.

Below are some reasons to consider. Think of some and see if you identify...

1 Needy

If you are needy all of the time, men are going to get turned off. Men like to be "king of the jungle". Kind-of like, "me Tarzan want Jane".

2 Gay

Maybe he is gay.

3 Family

His family does not approve of you.

4 Jobs

He is married to his job.

5 Attraction

He is not attracted to you...I know, painful to realize that men often do not look on the inside first.

6 Self-esteem

On the outside, he may seem like he has it all together, but maybe he has low self-esteem.

7 Bars

Maybe he would rather hang-out at the bar with the bar crowd and you don't.

8 Married

He is possibly married!

9 Money

Maybe he has money problems and does not want you to know. Maybe he just cannot give you the world and is embarrassed of his financial situation.

10 Religious Views

Maybe they are Protestant and you are Catholic and so on...

Don't prolong the agony. Brush yourself off, be yourself, and walk away.