17 Precautions You Should Take before a First Date ...


17 Precautions You Should Take before a First Date ...
17 Precautions You Should Take before a First Date ...

You don't want to end up dating someone dangerous. You don't want to be with a dud, either. That's why there are a few precautions every woman should take before going out on a first date with a man she barely knows.

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Look Him up on Facebook

Look Him up on Facebook You've probably had the urge to Facebook stalk him already, and now it's time to go through with the idea. You might see a photograph of him kissing another girl, or notice that his relationship status isn't set to single.


Drive to the Date Yourself

You don't want him to pick you up. It'll be easier to end the date if you two take separate cars to the restaurant.


Tell a Friend Where You’re Going

Never skip this step. Make sure someone knows where you're going before you go.


Don’t Let Him Touch Your Drink

Don’t Let Him Touch Your Drink You don't want him to slip anything into your soda. Make sure you always keep your drink out of his reach.


Bring Your Own Money

Bring Your Own Money Make sure you bring cash with you in case he doest offer to pay. Just don't use a credit card, because that has your information on it.


Have Your Phone on You

If you need a friend to come get you, all you'll have to do is text her. Of course, that won't happen if you forget your phone at home.


Carry a Weapon

Carry a Weapon It never hurts to be prepared. Have some mace on you, a pocket knife, or at least a whistle.


Get a Background Check

Get a Background Check There are certain websites that'll do free background checks for you. If you're worried that your date might be a criminal, get him checked out.


Go to a Public Place

If you're meeting him for the first time, don't ask him over to your house. Don't go to his house, either. Meet in a public place filled with people.


Don’t Give out Too Much Personal Information

Don’t Give out Too Much Personal Information Don't tell him your home address right away. You don't know him well enough yet, which means you don't want to give him too much information.


Take a Self-defense Class

Take a Self-defense Class Hopefully your date will be a true gentleman. If he's not, it's always helpful to know some self-defense.


Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol If you drink too much, it'll be easier for him to take advantage of you. Stay alert.


Bring a Friend with You

Bring a Friend with You If you want to go the extra mile, ask a friend to go on your date with you. She doesn't have to sit at the same table. She should just be in the area.


Skype First

Skype First You don't have to skip from texting to meeting up. Meet in the middle by having a safe Skype date first.


Keep an Eye out for Red Flags

Keep an Eye out for Red Flags Don't let yourself be blind to his flaws. If he does something sketchy, don't ignore it.


Keep Your Pocketbook Close

Keep Your Pocketbook Close You don't want him to slip his hand inside and steal your cash. That would ruin the date.


Leave when You’re Uncomfortable

Leave when You’re Uncomfortable If you become even the slightest bit uncomfortable, leave. You shouldn't take any chances.

If you follow this advice, you won't have to worry about ending up with someone dangerous. Are you looking forward to going on a first date soon?

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If you feel like you need to do a background check, maybe you shouldn't go on a date w/ the guy.... Not normal behavior

13 is stupid

7. Carry a Weapon ? ? ? Why not just go all in? Build a nuclear bomb shelter and live in there full time.

I agree..if you're worried about him slipping something into your drink or feel a weapon or background check is necessary then you probably shouldn't be going out with him....

I carry mace wherever I go. I think these are great tips to keep women safe!

Why why why oh why? Why? Just why? And why? Again. Would anyone consider going on a date where you think you have to carry a weapon. America is full of crazy people: those who carry weapons and those who think you need to. 

#4 is a HUGE one.

This is too much!!!! Really caring a weapon? Crazy!!!

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