Proof That the Friend Zone Doesn't Actually Exist ...

If you haven’t been accused of relegating a man to the “friend zone,” well, you haven’t lived. I’ve got news for you though: there’s no such thing. Truly! The friend zone is a myth, a made-up fairytale invented for the sole purpose of making us women feel guilty. Here’s a run down on a few of the reasons why the dreaded friend zone isn’t real, and how to deal with this made-up place.

1. He’d Have to Be a Friend

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If a guy’s accusing you of “friend zoning” him, basically he’s just saying he’s disappointed that the time he’s spent with you hasn’t led you to want to have sex with him, that he can “only” be friends with you. Well, if all he’s really been after was a sexual relationship with you, he wasn’t, and isn’t, a friend, and thus cannot exist in a friend zone, if such a place exists. Which it doesn’t Read on.

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