7 Props Guys Unknowingly Use to Attract Girls ...


7 Props Guys Unknowingly Use to Attract Girls ...
7 Props Guys Unknowingly Use to Attract Girls ...

There are props guys use to attract girls, even though they don't realize it. They're not trying to impress you, but they make you swoon anyway. By pulling at our heart strings or striking our interest, a man can make us want him. Without knowing it, there are props guys use to attract girls.

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One of the props guys use to attract girls are their cousins or nephews (if you can even call a fellow human a prop). Remember the time Chandler and Joey cared for a baby and were swamped with women? Since we find children adorable, we tend to like whoever's taking care of them. If you see a cute guy that seems like he would make a good father, you might gain interest. So why would a guy say no to babysitting?



Puppies work in the same way that babies do, if not more so. If you're an animal lover, it'll be hard to walk past a doggie without stopping to pet it. By giving the dog your affection, you're also giving his owner some attention. It's the perfect way for him to start up a conversation with you. If he can't think of anything clever to talk about, he can at least tell you all about his canine companion.



If you see a guy reading a book by your favorite author, you can instantly be interested in him. It means that you have the same taste. It means that you'll have tons to talk about. It means that he's the perfect one for you. Well, maybe not, but it does indicate that you have something in common. Don't waste the opportunity to talk to him about the story.



If you spot a guy wearing a shirt that references your favorite band, it makes him ten times sexier. If he has good music taste, then he'd be fun to talk to. You can discuss your favorite songs and albums and any concerts you went to. Why let a guy like that pass you by? You might as well tell him how big of a fan you are yourself.



You could be sitting behind a guy in class and see that he's on your favorite website. Or maybe he's downloading the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Either way, you know that he's someone that you wouldn't mind spending time with. If you decide to talk to him, make sure that it's while he has something interesting on his screen. You don't want to bring the topic up later and let him know you were watching every click of the mouse.


Pieces of Paper

If you're a writer and see a cute guy scribbling in his notebook or are an artist and see someone drawing, it can be beyond attractive. When you have the same creative talent, you share a bond. You both express your emotions in the same way and can potentially have a lot of deep conversations. You can talk about the process you go through and swap your work. What could be better than sharing your passion with a hot guy?



This one depends on your personal taste. If you're not a fan of tattoos, you won't care for guys who have them. But if you're a sucker for tattoos, it won't matter what his ink depicts. The fact that he has his entire arm covered is enough to get you drooling. If the tattoo is of something sentimental, it'll make him even more attractive.

Guys do attractive things all the time without even realizing it. Have any of these things ever sparked your attraction for a guy? Did you end up becoming friends--or maybe more?

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Cats aren't attractive but the others in my list are

I think glasses are attractive ^.^ lol

Babies are a turn off for me

Books,animals and laptops maybe because that would be a male version of myself

Me and my man - it's the laptops :P sometimes we spend too long on them until we sit down together without them!

Babies and dogs

Tattoos are defiantly the best

Im all about the tattoos!! I swoon every time I see them.!

Dogs, horses, birds not cats or laptops, tv shows or music style are attractive. Also I like men with long hair compared to short.

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