9 Pros and Cons of Online Dating ...

By Donatella

There are so many different ways to meet new people nowadays and one of the most bittersweet ways is through the Internet, and all of its glorious pros and cons of online dating. Take it from someone who has actually tried using the Internet to find someone there are in fact a lot of pros and cons of online dating.

Table of contents:

  1. pro: diversity
  2. pro: you can be picky
  3. pro: get to know the person well
  4. con: risky
  5. con: putting yourself out there
  6. con: long distance relationship
  7. pro: check the person on social media
  8. con:unwanted attention
  9. pro: meet new people and pass time

1 Pro: Diversity

One of the pros and cons of online dating is the diversity on the Internet. For most people, the diversity of men is a huge pro. Who wouldn’t want to join a community with a sea of different and unique guys all in one place? You only have to make one stop and you’re able to meet a ton of people.

2 Pro: You Can Be Picky

I don’t know about you, but I have pretty high standards. They’re not the unrealistic kind of high standards, but I definitely am a girl who knows what she wants and what she is looking for in a lifetime partner. Online dating gives you the opportunity to pull out a list of “he-must-have-these-qualities-and-personality-type”. Don’t be embarrassed to think this way because it’s not being shallow, it’s being smart. You’re a beautiful woman and you deserve a great guy! Don’t settle with any old Joe Schmo.

3 Pro: Get to Know the Person Well

I am a firm believer that before a relationship starts, both parties should get to know each other as FRIENDS first. Why rush into something? I’ve learned that if a relationship begins too quickly, it will end just as quickly. There is no need to rush getting physical with the guy yet either. Dating online gives you that chance to get to know the other person well before anything takes flight.

4 Con: Risky

At the end of the day, you never REALLY know with whom you’re speaking at the other end. The gorgeous guy who has been making you blush and giggle could be a 55-year-old dude. Gross. I’d recommend that before allowing your feelings to get the best of you Skype with him first. Don’t give out your number so quickly – it can be risky and dangerous. Start talking on the site and then have a Skype call to make sure the other person is who he says he is.

5 Con: Putting Yourself out There

Being online can almost make you feel naked in a way because you’re putting yourself out there and taking a chance. Only write down as much as you feel comfortable sharing with someone in your profile and select pictures that say “Hi” and not “Hey, how you doin’?” There are a LOT of creepy people on the Internet so just be careful.

6 Con: Long Distance Relationship

OK let’s fast forward a few months. Let’s say you’ve met a guy who is a great potential and you’ve been talking, Skyping, and maybe hanging out every now and then. Bad news: he lives a few states away from you. How do you proceed? Online dating is a great way to see who is out there but it can be tough if you DO meet someone you want to seriously date and they’re far away.

7 Pro: Check the Person on Social Media

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Relationships can oftentimes experience difficulties because things get “leaked” online. But when you’re getting to know a new person, social media can act as a powerful tool to REALLY get to know the person. Sure not everything you read online is true, which holds true about a person, but chances are you will get a very good glimpse of the person’s lifestyle from checking out their profile.

8 Con:Unwanted Attention

As I have cautioned already, there are a lot of creepy people online and you absolutely need to be careful. No matter what you put in your profile about the kinds of people you want to or don't want to meet, you will receive communications from people you don't want to hear from. On some sites you may be able to filter out certain types/ages etc, but if not just ignore unwanted attention or politely tell them you're not interested.

9 Pro: Meet New People and Pass Time

It’s fun to meet new people – it’s exciting to get complimented and feel like a giddy 12 year old again talking on an AIM until 1AM. Sometimes on a less serious note, it would be fun to go online and just talk to whoever was online to simply pass time.

Dating should be a fun and exciting experience! Hopefully this list answered some of your questions or concerns about online dating. As I mentioned at the beginning I’ve dated online; although joining was a bit of a joke, I met two really great guys last summer. Neither of the relationships worked out due to distance, but it was a great experience nonetheless. What has been your online dating experience? What are your pros and cons?

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