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Being independent isn't all it is cracked up to be so here are ten pros of living with your partner. None of us like our personal space to be invaded, but having your soul mate around the house is very assuring. Making the decision of living with your partner is not something that both of you should take lightly, but there are many positive outcomes that can be achieved should you arrive at such a situation.

1. Regular Affection

Living with your partner gives you the opportunity to express your affection for them every day. This hasn’t got to be through lavish gifts or at extreme monetary expense. It can be something as simple as having a cup of tea ready for them when they come in from work. Just show your partner that you have thought about them and their warmth towards you will soon spread around the house.

Sight of Their Smile


Living together takes your love for each other to a while new level. You learn to accept the one you love for exactly who they are :) thank you for this article :)
I have lived with my partner for a year now and I love it.
I just moved in. I'm hoping for the best :)
#1 is the best! Intimacy leads to sex!! Love it!!! Living with him is great!
Kitty Eva
I've lived with my sweetheart for almost three years now. It's just gotten better and better. We have lived in several places and through some difficult situations but it has made us stronger.
Can't wait to live with my love :)
Midnight Rose
OK who's going to crush the author post and write the reality of co-habiting?! Ahh the sweet memories of new love - shame it rarely lasts....
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