Qualities You Possess That Make You Irresistible to Men ...


Qualities You Possess That Make You Irresistible to Men ...
Qualities You Possess That Make You Irresistible to Men ...

Have you ever wondered why some women attract men like flies to a honeypot? And we’re not talking about that these women might be pretty. Although looks are obviously an attraction, less attractive women can bask in male attention, while perfect beauties can be ignored. Why? These are the qualities that make women irresistible to men:

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Self Confidence

hair, person, blond, mouth, hairstyle, If you have a strong inner feeling of self-worth and confidence in both your personality and your body, then men are immediately drawn to you because you are not necessarily looking for their approval. You already approve of yourself and that is super sexy!


A Touch of Vulnerability

black, black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, This doesn’t mean actually being vulnerable, but giving a man the impression that he has the opportunity to ‘save’ you or help in some way makes you very attractive, some guys just wants to be seen as a hero to their crushes!


Overwhelming Kindness

black, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, fashion, Friendships that are shared between guys can often be very abrasive and full of locker room type banter and antics, so if you can be the complete opposite of this and show nothing but genuine kindness, he will fall hard!


In Independent Spirit

fashion, Some woman make the mistake of trying to corner a guy too soon, so if you can show him that you have an independent spirit away from your flirtations with him, it will make him even more keen to have you!


A Lust for Life

screenshot, Seize, the, day,, friend., The ability to live in the here and now rather than being stuck in the past of looking too far ahead in to the future can be a turn off for a guy who just wants to see what there is between you right now in the present.


Knowing How to Present Yourself

fashion, dress, flooring, fashion design, This has nothing to do with wearing certain clothes or having a certain hairstyle, but more just the way that you rock whichever individual style you enjoy. Having confidence in your appearance can be huge turn on for a man.


Being a Great Hostess

human action, singing, Who, wants, wine?, Being able to flawlessly host a dinner party is a sought after skill, and if you have it, you look so effortless and impressive that it is a dead cert that he will be more in love with you than he was before!


The Ability to Embrace Happiness

black and white, person, monochrome photography, darkness, monochrome, Don’t be one of those women who are never truly happy because they are worried about all the things that could go wrong in the future, instead try to be present in the moment and be happy with your current life and your current boo!


Showing an Interest in His Interests

person, people, It can be a real turn on for him if he sees that you are making an effort to be interested and learn about some of his biggest passions. It could just be a small thing like sitting down to watch the game with him rather than heading out to do some shopping.


Having Great Communication Skills

feel, can, communicate, with, you, Sometimes guys can find it hard to talk about their feelings, so if you are perceptive enough to understand him without him having to become uncomfortable, then you will have a match made in heaven.


Being Natural and Not Too Fake

human action, black, white, photograph, black and white, There is only so long you can keep a false pretense up, so just lay it all out there from the beginning and he will be much more comfortable with the real you than with the fake you.

Just remember, whichever of these qualities you have or don’t have, it is the uniqueness of you that makes you attractive.

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