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Questions to Ask Yourself before Losing Your Virginity ...

By Sici

There are definitely some questions to ask yourself before losing your virginity. Even though you might see plenty of movies and TV shows treating it like it’s not a big thing anymore, the act of losing your virginity is probably one of the most important milestones that usually occurs in the early(ish) years of your life. No matter how many sex scenes you have seen on screen, or sexy passages you have read in books, nothing can properly prepare you for the real event, and nobody can decide when that time should come except you. If you are at a stage in your life where you think becoming sexually active might be turning in to a real possibility, then it is important to think about these questions to ask yourself before losing your virginity.

1 Am I Ready to do This?

This is probably the most important of the several questions to ask yourself before losing your virginity. You need to be really honest with yourself on this one. Are you thinking about having sex because you want to, or just because the person that you are with wants to? You are the one that matters most in this situation, so if your brain is telling you that you are ready, then go ahead and enjoy yourself, but if not, then listen and react accordingly. You can’t take that first time back, so if you’re not emotionally ready, then hold back.

2 Am I Being Pressured into It?

Are you in a situation where you have agreed to sleep with someone simply because they won't stop asking you and pressing the point? Just because you are old enough to be nagged to have sex, it doesn’t mean that you should do it. You are the only person who can make the decision about losing your virginity, so don’t feel like you owe it to a certain person because they have been paying you special attention.

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3 Am I Pressuring Myself?

Could it be that your body is starting to send the signals that you are ready for sexual pleasure, but your mind is telling you a different story through nerves and apprehension? We can’t stop the hormonal changes our bodies go through in our teenage years, but if those physical feelings are not matched by a maturity and understanding of the bigger picture, then perhaps having sex isn’t something that you should be doing until heart and mind are acting as one.

4 Have I Found the Right Person?

The pressure to lose your virginity can be a really big thing, with many people making the mistake of choosing the most convenient person instead of the right person. Have you found the right person to experience this milestone with? Or have you become so obsessed with getting it done that you grab the nearest interested person? These two prospects can have very different outcomes.

5 Am I Prepared for the Consequences?

They always say that if you aren’t ready to face any and all of the potential consequences of sex, then you aren’t ready to start having it. The prospect of things like sexually transmitted infections and even pregnancy are very real for any sexually active person, so if you aren’t ready to face the possibility of those, then perhaps you aren’t ready at all.

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