Important πŸ’‘ Questions ❓ to Ask Yourself πŸ€” if Your Boyfriend πŸ‘« Doesn't 🚫 Trust You πŸ’” ...

There are some questions to ask yourself if your boyfriend doesn't trust you. Trust can be a deal breaker in any relationship. People can have doubts and wobbles, and trust can take time to build – that’s normal – but if your boyfriend doesn’t feel he can trust you, you need to have a look at these questions to ask yourself if your boyfriend doesn't trust you.

1. Does He Have a Reason?

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Maybe he has a bad track record and has been cheated on before, or maybe you’ve lied to him in the past and now there are seeds of doubt there. You need to find out the reason why he doesn’t trust you because only then can you address it. This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself if your boyfriend doesn't trust you.

2. What Can I do to Change That?

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There could be something you can do to show him he can trust you – after all actions speak louder than words. Sometimes it may just take some time so he can see how amazing you are and build his trust levels.

3. Is It Something He Can Work on?

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And more importantly, is he willing to work on it? If he doesn’t trust you and has no intention or capability of changing his attitude, what’s the point in being together? If he’ll never trust you, your relationship can never work.

4. Do I Trust Him?

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He may be putting all the focus on not trusting you, but do you trust him? Don’t bend over backward to prove your worth if you have doubts about him. You both need to talk and figure out where you both stand.

5. Can I Live with This?

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You may love this guy, but can you really stay in a relationship where you know that your partner doesn’t trust you? If you think he can come out of this and you can have a healthy relationship, give him some time, but if you know deep down this is as good as it’s going to get, you may need to think about moving on.

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