7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Partner ...


There are a few questions you should never ask your partner if you want to increase the intimacy and improve the communication in your relationship. The key to a happier and more satisfying relationship is actually knowing when to ask the right questions and when to avoid the ones that can only cause you misery, since none of them can be answered acceptably. Communication with your partner can sometimes be a tricky business and even if you might have the best intentions, how you choose to say what’s on your mind can actually cause quite a few problems in your relationship. Here are a few questions you should never ask your partner, since there’s no good that can come from asking any of the following:

1. “Does This … Make Me Look Fat?”

This is definitely one of the questions you should never ask your partner. It will only start more questions and none of the answers your significant other gives you will totally satisfy you. You will begin to doubt yourself and you will make them feel uncomfortable as well. Just allow them to compliment you and don’t ask so many questions!

“is He/She Pretty?”


Another taboo question is "Are you still a virgin?".
Well I don't think many guys are stupid enough to answer yes to "does this outfit make me look fat"
god bless my husband. Che ALWAYS has the right answers. even though I now sometimes it's not true.
this may be true if you're dating a teenager or for the first little bit. I ask my husband anything I want and he does the same to me and our relationship is stronger than any I've had where I've followed these stupid kinds of rules. lame
Keshya Na Eiffelyne
I think u don't always ask ..are having fun with a girl now? He will absolutely angry
pretty yeh
so true :)
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