7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Guy ...


7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Guy ...
7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Guy ...

If you are looking for ways to improve your relationship with your guy, I can help you out. These are not even complicated things. These are quick and easy things that don’t take a lot of thought or time but the payoffs are big when you commit to them. Try these ways to improve your relationship and see what a difference it can make.

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Laugh Together

There is nothing as great as laughing together in a relationship. It means you are having fun together and sharing special moments. As simple as this is, it is one of the best ways to improve your relationship. Share funny stories about your day with your guy. Tell him a joke you heard. Your relationship will benefit.


Don’t Man Bash

We tend to think that man bashing is harmless because our guy never knows about it. Even if he will never know, it isn’t harmless. Man bashing makes you feel negative toward the guy in your life and this can spill over into your relationship. Don’t give in to the temptation to participate when your girlfriends start this. If they ask why you are not participating, explain that you have noticed it doesn’t leave you with the warm fuzzies afterward so you stopped. Who knows, you may inspire them to stop as well.


Accept Him as He is

As simplistic a lesson as it is, it can take us a long time to really learn this. You cannot change your guy or anyone else, for that matter. Of course we all have room for improvement and if there is something your guy really does that bothers you, you can mention it. But trying to enforce it will only cause ill will between the two of you. Accepting your guy just as he is will make his love for you even stronger.


Look at the Positives

This is probably the hardest one of this whole list. However, it still comes down to a simple choice. Do you want to look at the positives about your relationship of the negatives? Looking at the positives will likely improve your relationship while looking at the negatives will likely worsen it. Your frame of mind matters greatly here.


Do Something Fun Together

You need to be able to have fun together when you are in a relationship. There are a zillion ways you can do this. Go to a ball game, see a movie, take a walk and talk. You can do a lot of different things for the goal of having fun. Whatever appeals to you is fine here.


Let Him Choose the Restaurant

You know, a lot of times, guys let the girl choose the restaurant. This is really a very gentlemanly thing to do but on occasion it is a good idea to tell him you would love if he chose. This allows him to get to go where he wants to eat and you can feel good about yourself for giving him this simple little gift. Of course, you would want to tell him up front if there is any place you just could not deal with eating. It is fun to switch things up for a change by letting him choose.


Buy Him a Gift

Holiday gifts are special and mean a lot but I think just because gifts mean even more. They are unexpected and therefore become more memorable. It can be any number of things. You could pick up his favorite cologne or a tool you know he has been wanting. It can even be something as simple as his favorite candy or cookies. Just knowing that you thought about him is going to have a positive impact on your relationship.

These simple little things can make your relationship even better. What things do you already do to improve things in your relationship? I would love to hear from you!

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I know this probably very late but i need help... my boyfriend and i broke up last sunday (6 days ago) and it has been no contact since then. We broke up, it was more his choice than mine, but I agreed it was probably best for us... we talked for 3 hours in person and we were both crying quite a lot and he had never cried on front of me like that in our 2 year relationship. we were incredibly close but college was making things very difficult and his depression (and mine) made us pretty distant. We had a fight a month ago that I made my best effort to make it completely up to him, but on the day we broke up he said that he wanted to get over it but it was if his mind wouldnt let him. will i ever get him back? when i was leaving we had a huge hug and he was crying and begged me not to disappear from his like but i deleted him from facebook and we havent talked since. He even said I was the one, but maybe the timing was wrong. I love this guy with all my heart and i know i just want to be back together... how do i do this?? Maybe im over romanticising the whole thing but I love him with all my heart and everyone was extremely shocked by the breakup. Hes 20 im 19 and he can be very stubborn so we have argued a bit but always loved each other. Doing no contact for exactly 1 week but I am coping really badly and really sick to top it all off

Don't try to change him because when I tried to change my honey he and I fought a bunch I thought it was over until I started to be laid back and then there was peace between us

What to buy? He said last night how many times have I bought you flowers? And then how many times have you bought me something. I bought him a card the other day, to the one I love. he loved it. But as he said he surprises me more. I do look but Dont find anything.

I would ask him to have a picnic together, I know my husband love to spend time at the beach, we did it before.i once asked him to spend a weekend together by going to Washington DC, I did well going there cause we both had fun and had space from our 3 kids, i important to take a break sometimes... Even if its for couple of days its worth it

I buy him gifts often, laugh and joke. It can be a struggle to have him pick a restaurant because he is so easy going. What have learned is to give him two options then he's able to decide.

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