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34 Priceless Quotes about First Love for an Instant Feel Good Fix ...

By Jennifer

Maybe it starts so slowly, you don't notice it at first. Or maybe you're not looking for it, and then BAM! Out of the blue, you've head over heels with your first love. Either way, there's nothing quite like your first love, and these quotes will show you why.

1 R.M. Drake


2 Shakespeare

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Top 9 Movie Kisses ...

7 Musical Comedians Worth Listening to ...

3 She's Right, YOu Know

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4 Is This True?

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5 Darling...

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6 There You Are...

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Bella is my favorite. Love..!...

7 Both Are Wonderful

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9 Aww!

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10 Dory

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11 I Can't Stress This Enough


12 That Look

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13 Fear Vs. Love

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14 So True!

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15 Pooh Bear

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16 Love You Longer

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17 Don't Spell It, Feel It

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18 Thank You

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19 The Best Kind of First Love

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20 First & Forever?

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21 Ha! Oops...


22 That's How You'll Know

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23 Dr. Seuss

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24 Lana Del Ray

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25 Can't Stop Thinking of You!

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26 It Can Sneak up on You

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27 Oscar Wilde


28 You Will, Too


29 Cute...

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30 Which do You Listen to?

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31 Miss You More!

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32 Weirdness... and Love...


33 You Can Start off as Friends

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34 A Lottle

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