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It's a myth that men only care about the way that a woman looks. Sure, they like staring at eye candy, but it takes a lot more than a pretty face and a hot body for them to fall in love. A woman has to have a good personality, as well. If you need proof, here are a few quotes about what men really love in women:

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A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World The point of dating isn't actually to get laid. It's to make his life less stressful. That's why men want to be with woman who makes their days brighter. If you make him miserable, because you end up fighting whenever you see each other, then he won't want to stay with you. Meanwhile, if you always put a smile on his face and make him happier than he is when he's alone, he'll want to stay with you forever.


Intelligent Women

Intelligent Women There are plenty of men out there who actually prefer a woman's brain to her body. Frank Sinatra was one of those guys. After all, he can only stare at you for so long. When he's done gawking, he's going to have to have an actual conversation with you. When that happens, he won't have any fun talking to someone with a low IQ. He'd prefer to date a woman with a big brain.



Intelligence Here's another quote to remind you about the importance of intelligence. You can only talk to a dull person for so long. Meanwhile, if you find someone whose intelligence matches yours, you'll never run out of things to talk about. That's why decent men actually prefer your brain over your body.


Different Men like Different Things

Different Men like Different Things It's hard to explain what men love in women, because every man is completely different. That's why you shouldn't be insecure over all of the traits you have that you think are a turn-off to men. When you find the right guy, he'll be attracted to the things that all of the men in your past were intimidated by.



Respect Men aren't all that different from us. They want respect, just like we do. That means they don't want to date women who talk down to them or think of them as inferior. They want to be with someone who respects them and views them as an equal.


Feel Good

Feel Good Why do people date? Well, it's to make themselves happier. That's why men are basically looking for a woman who will make them feel better about themselves. That doesn't mean that you should laugh at all his jokes and pretend that he's a King. If he's the right guy for you, you'll automatically make him feel good, without even doing a thing.


What They Are

What They Are Forget everything you've heard about opposites attracting. Even though you're not going to have the same exact personality as your man, men tend to want women who are similar to them. So if you have some of the same traits, it's actually a good thing.



text, font, green, ecosystem, biology, Men want women who are more than just how they appear. They want a strong woman who isn't afraid of life and doesn't just give up because she landed a man. Strength and a mind of their own are some of the most attractive features of a woman.



Sipcom, text, brand, screenshot, presentation, It's true looks aren't everything, but this quote is more than that. Men see a woman for who she is and fall in love with that. Yes, looks come into play (why else do we wear makeup to impress) but it's about the things men see when we think they aren't looking.



human action, text, font, biology, product, Above all men want love just like women do. They may have a strange way of showing it but they do. They want to have a woman's heart because in that they know all things are possible. It's not behind every great man there's a woman, it's next to him because a woman is his equal. They say God created women from the rib cage of man to protect his heart and be under his arm, and it makes total sense when you find a man who views you as his equal.

Different men like different things. Of course, good guys value your brain over your body and want to be treated with respect. It's as simple as that. What is your favorite quality in a man?

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this are really sweet & nice quotes. Great post!

Great quotes. A woman wants a man who treats her with respect and as an equal.

Great post

Confidence,wit and intelligence along with spirituality

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