9 Quotes You Can Relate to if You've Experienced a Broken Heart ...


9 Quotes You Can Relate to if You've Experienced a Broken Heart ...
9 Quotes You Can Relate to if You've Experienced a Broken Heart ...

There are many quotes you can relate to if you've experienced a broken heart. While browsing through "sad love" quotes, I came across many I have been able to relate to when I experienced lost love. I love reading these quotes because they help me realize my experiences and emotions are not isolated, but shared amongst many people. So, here are a few quotes you can relate to if you've experienced a broken heart.

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How to Move on

How to Move on Of all the quotes you can relate to if you've experienced a broken heart, this one is fairly light, but very clever. Just by making one little change to "lover,” it can suddenly be "over."



Broken I absolutely love this. Sometimes mending a broken relationship can hurt more than just leaving it be and walking away from it. While some things in a relationship can be fixed, sometimes the best, and strongest, thing you can do is to simply walk away and avoid being hurt more.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp This Johnny Depp quote is all too true. If there is something we don't want to see in life, we can just close our eyes to it. Unfortunately, we cannot just close our hearts that quickly when we don't want to feel something.


Rose Kennedy

Rose Kennedy This Rose Kennedy quote summarizes a broken heart in a very real manner. Time helps us deal with our pain, but the pain rarely ever is truly and completely erased from us. Most of us will never entirely lose the painful memories associated with our breakups.


The Saddest Thing

The Saddest Thing If you are still in love with the person you were once with, but realize they have moved on, it is one of the most painful things you can experience, just as this quote says.



Unknown If you've ever tried to forget someone you were once in love with, you will realize how difficult (and nearly impossible) it can be. I love how this quote depicts the difficulty of forgetting someone by comparing it to trying to remember someone you have never met -- which is impossible. So if you have a hard time forgetting someone you loved, you are not alone! And don't feel bad if they keep popping back into your mind; it happens to most all of us.


Mignon McLaughlin

Mignon McLaughlin I'm a math-person so I love how Mignon McLaughlin depicts love in terms of an equation. When you are in love and it is reciprocated, you feel like you have everything in the world you could want, and yet, as soon as the love of your life leaves, you feel like you have nothing at all.


Moving on

Moving on How true. Moving on in and of itself isn't so hard. What makes it hard is what we miss by moving on, and all that we leave behind.


Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran Have you ever been with someone for a while, and then as soon as they leave or break it off, you realize that you cared about them so much more than you realized while you were with them? I loved reading this Kahlil Gibran quote because I realized I wasn't the only person who experienced this!

I love reading these quotes for the broken-hearted because they help me realize I'm not the only person who experiences these emotions. Which of these quotes do you relate to the most? What other quotes for the broken-hearted do you relate to?

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powerful quotes! and so true...

Very nice and real

Soo depressed quotes... Didnt like it, It's better read some optimistic quotes

Yes the quotes means everything , they are so true.

It means a lot to know I'm not so alone.

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