13. Play a Sexual Board Game

Play a Sexual Board Game

There are sexual board games that you can buy online. They'll urge you to do sensual things that you've never tried before.

Go on a Naked Date


Isabella Coles
Haha nice one @Joowly ;)
@Joowly: Oooooooh....I like! Lol!
Might I suggest paint each other, either edible paint or glow in the dark. The you shower it off together.
There were some interesting ideas on here. Going in a place like Spencer's can be pretty humorous. You'll always get a laugh.
peony blue
If the other half agrees then fine!
Isabella Coles
3, 7, 10, 14 = done before lol! @Yudisha there is nothing wrong with your opinion, sometimes it's better to have your own time with certain things. I ain't got a problem with that :P
These r fun but I disagree with watching porn together and doing yoga naked. My man would never watch porn in front of me- respect!!! Doing yoga is something with ur spiritual side!!! It's my own opinionπŸ˜‘... I may b wrong
I must say these sound like fun! I'll suggest these to my other half πŸ™‚
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