8. He’ll Always Text You Back

He’ll Always Text You Back

It's reasonable to expect your boyfriend to text you back. If he ignores some of your messages, then you're probably not with the right person.

He’ll Compromise with You


@jackie wow do I want to b u Ryt now #im37
Shannon Bauer
I am so worried
I have a guy that does all these (most of the time) I waited 37 years to find him!
My baby actually does all this except before he leaves me alone, he tries to help me out and make me feel better which by that time to I don't want to be alone, but with him 😍😍
@ Jeannette well he is a friend I like and we chat online and he lives in another country, so I'm sure it is understandable?
TinkerbellMoi you deserve to be answered every time you message someone, I believe that is just common curtesy. If this guy you like doesn't treat you with common curtesy then maybe he isn't the right...
I think #10 (telling you where he is at all times) is a little over-the-top. I agree with the first part, that he definitely shouldn't lie about where he is, BUT... If you aren't living together &/or ...
I would expect more than this !!
Single but such articles are nice haha
I don't have a boyfriend but this is good to know .
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