8 Reasons Girls Dump Guys ...


8 Reasons Girls Dump Guys ...
8 Reasons Girls Dump Guys ...

There are tons of reasons girls dump guys ladies! Did you know that we are not always the dumpee, but also the dumper? Well girls, I've got the top 8 reasons girls dump guys and why! After all, if you are dumping a guy, you might want to think about these reasons. Also, guys, listen up – these can actually save you from being the dumpee! So girls, you ready to explore my top 8 reasons girls dump guys? Let's do this!

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Boys Don't Listen

Of course, #1 is always going to break down to listening. Guys have problems listening! It happens all of the time and this is absolutely one of the top reasons girls dump guys. While boys aren't the only ones that don't listen sometimes, a lot of guys have 'selective' hearing, which can cause a ton of different communication problems in a relationship. Girls, do you agree that this should be the top reasons girls dump guys?


Their Family

While our families can be a little crazy, your boyfriend's family might be completely mental! This is definitely one of the reasons girls dump guys. After all, who wants their boyfriend's family in their business and relationship all of the time? If your boyfriend is constantly involving his family in your relationship, that's a problem girls!


We Listen to Our Friends Too Much

Our friends are great, always there for us and what would we do without girls nights? Our friends are also another reason girls dump guys though, because we listen to them so often. Your friends could hate your boyfriend and if they aren't a good friend, they won't keep that part of their feelings to themselves. That in turn, can influence you. Girls, you've got to do what you want, remember that!


He's Not Thoughtful

When you think of a boyfriend, you think that he is going to be thoughtful, that he is going to actually pay attention to you. If your guy is not doing that, it's definitely a reason to dump him! After all girls, you want a guy that is going to cherish you, that is going to love you and that is going to put as much into the relationship as you put in!


Joined at the Hip

Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean that you have to be joined at the hip all of the time! After all, why would you want to be together all of the time and do every single thing together? Give him some space, guys, give her some space, otherwise this could be a reason she could dump you! After all, she wants to have her own life too!


No Dependency

Guys, this one is for you – if you are constantly acting like you don't need a girlfriend and can do everything on your own, why do you need a girlfriend? This is another reason girls dump guys. After all, girls want to feel needed, but not overly needed. So make yourself vulnerable sometimes guys!



On the flip side, if a guy is too clingy, that can be a bad sign too! After all, a girl wants a guy that has some independence left in him! So guys, if you are constantly at your girlfriend's house, even when she isn't home or constantly waiting outside of her bedroom window for her to wake up, that might be creepy and too clingy!


Constant Insults

It's one thing to be sarcastic, but it's another thing to constantly be insulted. This is another reason girls dump guys! After all, a boyfriend is supposed to make you feel good, not make you feel horrible right? For me, if a guy makes the same nasty comment three different ways, that doesn't fly with me!

So girls, do you agree with these top 8 reasons girls dump guys? If your guy does any of these things, do you think that you'd end up dumping him? I know that I would!

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There's no #4!

#3 has been a reason for many of my relationship struggles. It's also the reason I won't stay in a relationship with a guy

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