7 Reasons Girls Love Bad Boys ...


Girls Love Bad Boys for tons of different reasons! Do you find yourself attracted to the bad boy and don't know why? Well ladies, I got the top 7 reasons why girls love bad boys! We all have a bad streak in us and bad boys typically appeal to that side right? They're dangerous, totally hot and sometimes a challenge right? Well ladies, take a look at the 7 reasons girls love bad boys and see if they match up to why you love bad boys!

1. Confidence

It's a well-known fact that bad boys typically are so confident. This is one of the major reasons why girls love bad boys! Just remember girls, there are nice guys out there that are confident too, they just aren't cocky about it. Keep that little tidbit in mind!



Sergeant sarcasm
Ok this is really hard for me. Ladies, I need help. I'm 14 and the 17 yr old in my school came up and asked me on a date. I'm the type of girl who's a straight A student and keeps quiet. He's complete...
Heather Jensen
That's so awesome!! :) Welcome to AWS!
i guess my boyfriend is considered a bad ass :) he rides a Harley, has a ton of tattoos and a half sleeve, smokes cigs, is a firefighter, and cuts his sleeves off Tshirts. But he is the most respectfu...
Sherin Lalani
Sherin Lalani
Ughh it sucks that we go for them though because they get in the way of the good guys that actually deserve us. Like this guy.. I'm not really sure If he's a 'bad boy' he more of a free spirit. He is ...
all of this is soooo true
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