7 Reasons Marriage is Good for You ...


What are the reasons marriage is good for you? Marriage may seem to be falling out of fashion, and certainly you don't need to be married to have a fulfilling relationship. However, if you do like the idea of being married, it definitely has a number of advantages. Here are some of the reasons marriage is good for you …

1. Union

One of the reasons marriage is good for you is that you're building a union that is legally and spiritually recognised. If it's important to you to be part of an acknowledged and official relationship, marriage will be beneficial to you. Or perhaps you feel that it's important for religious reasons, in which case it's the only option for you.

Legal Rights


I cant wait to meet and marry a right guy. So awesome that I am pure and saving myself for my future husband and out of respect he should do the same for me. Goes without saying!
I can not wait to be married, I've never really had a boyfriend so the thought of waking up to someone every morning no matter the trials and tribulations is so magical to me. Just knowing two ppl who made a commitment to one anot
Oh wow hopeful i get married one day with a all purple wedding
I'm common law and happier that way
Cindee Schneider
Going on 35 years!
Can't wait to be married to my best friend/soul mate...
Wanita Brown
Marriage is the best thing, that can ever happen in one's life, cos it's a life time experience, so for those who r married, they enjoy it. And not take it to a burden.
glad im engaged 😊
You are right in all reasons .. We will feel so good in getting marriage
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