7 Reasons Not to Worry about Your Partner Seeing You without Makeup ...


What are the reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup? Too many women are scared to let their partner see them before they've put on makeup; some will even make sure they get up before he wakes up so that they can 'put their face on'. Girls, don't worry about your partner seeing your naked face! Here are some reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup on …

1. He Loves You

One of the main reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup is that he loves you as you are. He doesn't only love you when you've got your face fully made up! And a man who loves you loves you whatever you look like; when you're ill, look like you haven't slept in weeks, and have your hair messed up. In fact, he probably prefers the natural you!

Natural You


Great article, great point but I agree with Shannon; the picture looks like two women. The article is also entitled using the ambiguous term "your partner". They shouldn't have made it look so open only for it to actually be limited to just a boyfriend/fiance/husband
Shannon Jill
That photo looks like two women. That's great BC all relationships should be celebrated. I'm just thinking the article should have been written from the perspective of a man/woman loving you for who you are.
I doubt any man will love a woman with a fully made up face. What is there exactly to love? Her foundation? Or three coats of mascara?
Every woman is made different because we were meant to BE different. We are all beautiful and yes we all get insecure but at the end of the day if your nice, it will show, if you smile, you will glow! :)
I'm not that insecure
I think fearing to let people see you without makeup stems from insecurity and not being comfortable in your own skin. I, myself am working on this and I plan to go out alot more without makeup in 2015 and to love myself more for who I am :)
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