7 Reasons Relationships Are Worth the Risk of Getting Hurt ...


When you find someone you really like, the thought of giving them the power to hurt you can be terrifying, but there are reasons relationships are worth the risk. You can't turn down every great guy you meet out of fear. If you do, then you could be missing out on the greatest times of your life. When you find an amazing enough guy, you need to take a chance. If you're scared, here are a few reasons relationships are worth the risk:

1. Risk Vs Reward

If you're brave enough to go out with the cute guy you just met, he could end up turning into your husband. Do you really want to miss out on the opportunity to date him, fall in love with him, and have his children? The possibility of him being the love of your life is one of the biggest reasons relationships are worth the risk of getting hurt. He might just be someone you date for a few days--but he might be someone you spend the rest of your life with. You need to find out.

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This article is really well written :) So positive about life :) Now I dont feel bitter anymore. Finally, Ive decided not to close my heart after having it broken on new year's eve. Thank you so much.
Isabella Coles
I asked out my boyfriend for exactly risk vs reward cause before him, i had never officially dated anyone. Best decision i've ever made, heading towards 4 years with him now :)
I'm taking the risk. New year is about doing something risky that might be benefiting. Thanks for the article :-)
Jennifer Perez
Love the main picture ๐Ÿ’› Jax ๐Ÿ˜
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