Bona-Fide Reasons to Bail Early on a Date That Isn't Worth Your Time πŸ˜’ ...

You shouldn’t feel obligated to see a date through to the finish. It’s just a waste of time for both of you if one of you knows it’s simply going nowhere. The best thing is to just politely make your excuses and leave. (Or have an escape word set up with friends or some other way.) Here are some perfectly acceptable circumstances for cutting a date short.

1. No Spark

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It might be a good idea to check out of a first date if there is still no sign of a spark after the first hour or so. When you really click with somebody, it usually happens much earlier than this, so if you and your date are still feeling uncomfortable and scrambling for conversation, then the odds are that this connection isn’t going to go anywhere.

2. He’s Being Frugal

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I’m not saying that your date should be treating you to lobster and champagne on your very first meal together, but if he’s making aside comments about which parts of the menu are off limits then consider what that means both about his initial feelings for you and the fact that he might be a bit of a Scrooge in all aspects of his life.

3. Too Much over Sharing

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First dates are supposed to a fun and light introduction to one another, not a time to spill your entire life story full of the good and bad stories. Small talk is just fine for a first date. Once more trust and connection are established, it will be less awkward to share more personal and important information about yourself. For a first date keep it as open and friendly as possible without baring your entire soul!

4. Too Drunk

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If you or your date finds yourselves on the other side of the acceptable drunkenness line, then it might be a good idea to call it a night early. Nothing good can come of being too drunk to remember what happened. You both could end up making fools of yourselves, or take the budding relationship to a new level that your sober self isn’t necessarily ready for. To avoid any of these problems, pop yourself in a cab and sleep it off at home!

5. Leave Him Wanting More

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If you want to keep your date intrigued and interested, give him just enough of your time to grow a budding connection and then check out early, leaving him wanting more of your company and eager to set up another date. A sense of mystery is one of the best power moves that a girl can pull, so use it to your advantage by making a playful early exit.

6. He’s Self Obsessed

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It might be a good idea to cut the first date short if you find yourself listening to an endless stream of information about your date, who loves to talk about himself but doesn’t seem too interested in finding out much about you. After all, isn’t the first date supposed to be an introduction to each other? If he’s treating it more as a personal statement then it doesn’t bode well.

7. Nothing in Common

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You date could be as good looking as Brad Pitt, but if throughout the evening you discover that you have absolutely nothing in common, then you should really consider bouncing early. You would be shocked at just how long some women stay in relationships with men with whom they have no shared interests or connections. Save yourself the bother and move on to somebody who better suits you!

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to cut a date short, make sure you’ve let enough time lapse to be confident you’re doing the right thing. Don’t walk away if you know you are going to ask yourself what if I’d stayed … too many times.

Have you had any horror dates you couldn’t wait to get out of?

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