21 Reasons to Date a Guy with a Man Bun ...

It's one of the hottest internet trends right now, but let's stop drooling for a few minutes and look at why the man bun has us in such a tizzy. It's rare that a male hairstyle or trend hits the headlines, which makes the spotlight on the man bun even more of a phenomenon. Brace yourself ladies: You're about to enter a gallery of man buns that will get your hearts a fluttering. You'll find plenty of reasons to date a guy with a man bun.

1. Jared Leto

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Via Jared Leto
Although many may have sported it before him, Jared Leto put his stamp on it and it came to the world's attention. Would you argue that his is the ultimate man bun? If he looked as fab as this, why would you need any more reasons to date a guy with a man bun?

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