2. Practical

Guys who aren't particularly studious often have other talents. They may be brilliant at practical things rather than being academic. Some would argue that guys like these are far more useful than guys who have degrees but are useless at fixing things. When you date a practical guy, your car will always run smoothly and he'll know how to fix everything in your house.



I agree with this article. I know men who have college degrees who are conceited self-absorbed spoiled brats. And i also know men who were unable to attend college because either of the financial burd...
I'm not even sure why there is an article on this subject! If you're basing a relationship on whether or not your partner has a college degree then I think that's very superficial. I don't think the possession of a college degree should be factored in anywhere!
@Maha a college degree does not equal intelligence or a high IQ it means they're book smart. Some people, although difficult to believe, never have liked studying in a school setting and never will but that doesn't make then dumb or mean they have a low IQ.
Everyone is different! I know many men without a college degree who are wise and open-minded. I ALSO know many men WITH a college degree who are unintelligent and, to be blunt, assholes. Therefore; I ...
I don't really agree with this article either. While I'm very sure that there are guys that don't need a college degree to be successful, there are even more that don't. Having a college degree isn't ...
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