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Guys who didn't go to college are often extremely hardworking people, and they perform some pretty essential jobs. Think of how many jobs don't need a degree. We would be helpless if it weren't for plumbers, mechanics, builders, shop assistants, farmers …



Everyone is different! I know many men without a college degree who are wise and open-minded. I ALSO know many men WITH a college degree who are unintelligent and, to be blunt, assholes. Therefore; I ...
I don't really agree with this article either. While I'm very sure that there are guys that don't need a college degree to be successful, there are even more that don't. Having a college degree isn't ...
I think this article is poorly written. It doesn't take into account the guys without a college degree that are really dumb, and I'm sure there are a lot. I agree a college degree doesn't equal smarts.
I don't really agree with this article. I'd been in a relationship with a guy who had little or no educational qualification. He wasn't really my cup of tea. Those people around me testified they had...
@Maha... WOW, I'm speechless!
WOW, some people are very narrow minded!
Yup! a college degree doesn't mean that someone doesn't have a purpose. There are plenty of well rounded, successful/hardworking men that I know without them!
A guy without ANY college degree shows he couldn't achieve & finish a purpose Never settle down for someone who's intellectually below you (speaking on experience) he was good in bed, however embarrassing in public with low (theoretical & emotional) IQ
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