Awesome Reasons to Date Irish Girls ...


Awesome Reasons to Date Irish Girls ...
Awesome Reasons to Date Irish Girls ...

Looking for some reasons to date Irish girls? St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world. The Irish emigrated to all corners of the world. Probably you have some Irish roots as well. Time to get your Irish on and to find out what it is that makes Irish girls so irresistible. On St. Patrick’s Day we’re all Irish anyway. Here are all the best reasons to date Irish girls.

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You Won’t Find a Better Drinking Partner

drink, girl, stemware, drinking, alcohol, It's not that the Irish drink more alcohol than the rest of the world, but we're just so much more fun when we do it than the rest. If you need a girl you can be sure we'll join you anytime and anywhere, choose an Irish girl. But be careful; never try to impress an Irish girl by getting shitfaced, we will definitely drink you under the table. And that's one of the best reasons to date Irish girls.


We Talk a Lot

socialite, girl, If you prefer the quiet type you probably shouldn't date an Irish gal. We looooove to talk a lot! And we're good at it. We have absolutely no problem with keeping a conversation going. We'll talk to anyone, that's how we were brought up. Awkward silence is something that never happens when you're out with an Irish girl. So please, don't bring us to the cinema on our first date; it'll be pure hell for us.


Be Prepared to Meet the Whole Clan

event, Take it or leave it, family is just a big part of our life. If you're with an Irish girl for a while you have to be prepared to meet everyone. There's no need in being afraid of meeting the parents. Irish parents tend to be nice, stick with being yourself and you'll be grand. It's the brothers you should be afraid of.

And even if our siblings may get on our nerves every once in a while, you are better off not taking sides, not even your girlfriend's side. She is allowed to speak badly of her family but you are definitely not; never!


Be Careful with Compliments

food, eating, dish, You might think that every woman loves compliments. Well, you're wrong. Irish girls tend to get really suspicious when you compliment them on their looks. It makes us very uneasy, and depending on the compliment, we'll probably reply with something very sarcastic. We are very humble and we are very polite and kind. But do not take our kindness for granted; if we get the slightest feeling of you taking advantage of us, we will let you suffer.


What You See is What You Get

girl, screenshot, Irish girls are pretty straightforward and feisty by nature; they hate condescending men. Getting into a fight with an Irish girl is a bad idea, as Irish women have the sharpest wit and tongues in the world. You have to accept that we always know what's right for you. There is no middle ground upon which we stand, we either love something or somebody or we hate it or them – there is no in between. Look at the bright side, you probably won't find a woman who will be more loyal to you. Irish are always loyal to the people they love. And we are ready to tear the head off of anybody who messes with you.


Time Works Different for Irish Girls

human hair color, purple, blond, shoulder, mouth, When we say we'll be there around sevenish, don't expect us to show up before eight. And please don't say things like: "I thought you never turn up" or "you're unreliable", 'cause it would make us feel bad. We might never be on time, but Irish girls are the most reliable girlfriends. On the other hand, when we say we'll be home by eleven and we'll just go out for one, don't expect us to be home before 1 am.


We Love a Good Sing-song

performing arts, entertainment, event, dance, choreography, That might sound really cliché, but we do. We just love, love to sing, even if we don't know the words or even if we don't have the voice (this is very unlikely as Irish tend to have great voices). We don't care and neither should you. And we also like to dance. If you're not the singing or dancing kind that's ok too, but you're better off to sing or dance along, because it's so much more fun to be embarrassed together.


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