6. Divorce

Nobody gets married thinking that they will get divorced, but it is a possibility. If you do divorce, and you chose to keep your maiden name, then you donΒ΄t have to change it back (having gone through the trouble of changing it to your husbandΒ΄s name).



@Erik Johansson : I have no problem with traditions but i have problems inequality. So your wife can pay for the band and you for the gathering. How's that? And if you are not willing to take her last...
Heather Jensen
Hey Erik! Thanks so much for a guys prospective!
Erik Johansson
If the woman doesn't want to follow the tradition of the name change, I don't see any reason to follow any of the other traditions, such as the man spending thousands on an engagement ring or wearing a wedding band.
Once in my class, some guys were teasing a girl saying she was in love with a certain guy, calling her 'Mrs. Jones', she said "Even if I was married to him, I wouldn't change my name," and all the guys yelled "OUCH!!!" Wonder why that was...
Iga Kalina Kulig
You've got a one-sided view. If a woman changes her name, she becomes a property, if a man does, nothing wrong with that. Besides, getting someone's name is a sign of devotion, not becoming a property...
I think you're misinterpreting what is being said. The reason why a woman used to have to take her husband's surname is because women were not viewed as legal persons and therefore where the property ...
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