Why Living Together 🏑 Will Help Your πŸ™ Relationship Survive πŸ’˜ ...

There are very good reasons to live together before marriage. Growing up in Asia, cohabitation has always been a sensitive topic. Nonetheless, for those who believe that living together before marriage is a crucial decision, can we at least agree that cohabitation isn’t the biggest crime in the world? In fact, from a personal perspective, I think couples who decide to try cohabitation are ensuring an important step toward a marital commitment. This is so important because once you decide to move in together, it is no more about you or them as individuals, but about you as a couple. Here are the 7 benefits of living together before marriage.

1. Know if You’re Ready for Marriage

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No matter how mature we believe we are, we are always thrown into fallacies. Marriage can be a fallacy. By cohabitating, you’ll discover your relationship statues and plans. Upon this, you’ll recognize if you’re ready to get married or if being single is the best solution.

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