7 Reasons to Not Forget Your Friends when in a Relationship ...


7 Reasons to Not Forget Your Friends when in a Relationship ...
7 Reasons to Not Forget Your Friends when in a Relationship ...

It's important to not forget your friends when you're in a relationship. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to pass up nights out with friends in favor of time alone with your guy. Then when you split up, you discover that you don't have any friends anymore! Here are some reasons why you should not forget your friends when you're in a relationship …

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You've Known Them a Long Time

One of the top reasons you should not forget your friends when you're in a relationship is that you knew your friends before you met your partner. Plus you've probably known your friends a long time. People who've been around for that long deserve not to be pushed aside just because you've got a boyfriend. They've supported you and loved you unconditionally, so don't neglect them.


They Wouldn't Neglect You

You'd be pretty mad if your friends didn't have any time for you once they got a boyfriend, wouldn't you? You'd sit around grumbling how they'll be back as soon as the boyfriend dumps them. Put yourself in their position; it's not nice to be put on the shelf until you're useful again. So if your friends wouldn't neglect you, don't do it to them.


Relationships May Not Last

The sad fact is that many relationships don't last. If you break up with your boyfriend, you'll want your friends around you to console you, so it's important to keep your friendships alive. Besides, imagine how upset you'd feel if your friends didn't want to know you because you'd neglected them while you were dating.


Time Apart

Couples need time apart to pursue their own interests. However much in love you are, it's important to be a fully rounded person and not depend on someone else to fill your life. Spending all your time together is not healthy. When you spend time apart, you value each other more. So take time to be with your own friends and enjoy time with them.


Not Just Joint Friends

It's great if you and your boyfriend have joint friends to socialise with, but you should also maintain your own friendships. If you do split up, joint friends are put in an awkward position and often feel that they should take sides. You should be especially wary of your only friendships being with people you've met through your boyfriend, as you could end up with nobody to turn to.



Your friends are also a great source of advice about life and relationships. If you've got any doubts about your relationship, they can offer an unbiased opinion. Be cautious about asking them for advice on your boyfriend though if you're not prepared to listen to any uncomplimentary opinions. Our friends tend to be very protective of us!


Friends Are Important

Finally, friends really are so important. When we hit difficult times in our lives, having good friends to help us through makes it that bit easier. But we also need them in good times, so that we can share fun and laughter. Life can truly be a challenge, and without friends it's a very lonely path indeed. So work on maintaining and nurturing your friendships.

It's tempting to assume that you can just put your friendships aside and resume them when it suits you. But your friends have feelings. That isn't a nice way to treat them and could damage the friendship. For your own sake and theirs, don't neglect them when you're in a relationship. Have you had friends who drop you when they're dating?

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