7 Reasons to Not Get Married ...


You know how it is. Everyone’s doing it. You’ve been a bridesmaid twice and your best friend is looking in the window of jewelers’ shops. It looks tempting but you decided a long time ago it wasn’t something you’d ever dreamed of doing. Many of your friends and family will think you are a bit of a freak wanting to stay a single girl so in case you need a bit of support, here are 7 reasons not to get married.

1. The Cost

Weddings are expensive. They are subject of more family disputes and friendship breakups than almost anything else. A wedding will take over your life. You will become obsessed with flowers and cutlery and tablecloths. Your family will subject you to emotional blackmail, and the man in your life will say he never wanted all this fuss anyway.



thomas c
really ! thats the reasons you came up with for not getting married here is my seven reasons for marriage. 1 it turns boys into husbands. a protector and provider, not just a guy your sleeping with...
Will you calm down?? Brookeyy didn't offend anyone with her comment and she never said anything personally insulting to you, did she? She was offended by your post because you made it sound as though ...
Damn woman! You have a great partner, but you're offended because someone came up with a list of things you can't relate to. Be happy! Do you have ANY clue how much "Why are you single" "Well if you h...
Hi Amber, Sorry to hear about your marriage. Time can be quite the eye opener sometimes. All I can say is think long and hard about your decisions. Here's wishing you lots of luck! Keep visiting!
I wish I would of read this sooner. I am married and did it young too. I'm ready to be my own person again. I want to be independent and free.
I can't agree with this post one bit :/ I don't have any of these problems with the guy I am with. It kind of made me mad because I feel like i'm being put down for not having the rights single women...
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